1LI Association Wristbands


Now Reduced to just £1 Each!!!

The original 1LI Wristband was set up in 2012 to help organise and pay for the 1LI Standard along with it's upkeep and any eventual replacement.
Due to the great level of support that we received, the initial goal of purchasing our standard was achieved very quickly and the 1LI Standard was dedicated at the 2013 Annual Light Infantry Reunion.
We very much hope that everyone will continue to support this as all funds raised from their sales will go straight into the 1LI Standard Fund for it's upkeep and eventual replacement as previously mentioned.

The current wristband has 1LI Association/Red Rooster on as it replaced the original 1LI one when they sold out, but once we have sold these association ones through we will be returning to the original 1LI Wristband so please purchase these so we can speed that process up.