1st Battalion, The Light Infantry

An Infantry Battalion association set up by and for 1LI Veterans and their families


This is the home website of the 1LI Association which was set up in 2012 to help bring together all those that joined and served in the 1st Battalion, The Light Infantry during it's 39 years of service to Queen and Country.

The 1LI Association aims to bring together all those that have served in it over the years through Social Media, Reunions (local or national), attendance of major sporting events or services and also smaller "get togethers" organised by battalion members. Our other primary aim is to ensure that we never forget those that served in the battalion and are no longer with us. We hope by achieving these two aims that we may keep alive the spirit and comradeship of not just the battalion, but also the regiment as well.
The 1LI Association has been set up and is run by those that served in 1LI from all ranks and we very much hope that with your help we can make it an association to be proud of for as long as it is required.

Every year our association also organises the annual 1LI Reunion & Raffle which is very key to the success of achieving both our main aims and we very much hope that all battalion veterans and their families will support it and attend whenever possible. Along with our own reunion & raffle that weekend the 1LI Association along with other Light Infantry Associations attends the annual Light Infantry Reunion that takes place in Shrewsbury each June on the Saturday and it is a very well attended event that we would encourage as many as possible to take part in.
More details for both events and up to date news can be found on the navigation bar above.

We would also like to encourage as many 1LI veterans as possible to join the 1LI Association, which is free, so that we can help to bring friends and colleagues together again that may not have seen or heard from each other for many years. You can find all the details that are required for our two types of membership on the Membership page above.

We hope that you will support and contribute towards the association as without it we would not be able to continue all the work that has been carried out to date.

We thank you all in advance for your very kind support to date.

1LI Association Committee