The Light Infantry has a number of Associations and branches, but with all the changes since 2007 many veterans have for whatever reason not felt a part of any of the existing set ups. Along with the rise of the internet and with so many of our battalion veterans now living in all four corners of the UK and overseas, it was time that we needed to have our own battalion association within the regimental family. 

Since 2008 when it was first set up the 1LI group on facebook has been growing in strength and we have been able to locate many of our old friends/comrades that we served with during our time in the battalion, as well as making new ones. We continue the work to find more of our battalion veterans along with those that were attached to it over the years and social media has helped us to achieve this.

Due to the success of our 1LI facebook group, along with the desire to be better organised and have our own sense of belonging again, the time had come (before it runs out) for us to formerly set up the 1LI Association, as an internet based association, with a full committee.
The association was set up with two simple aims of firstly bringing together again those that joined and served in the battalion, by using social media and attending/organising local or regional events, and secondly by never forgetting those that served in 1LI who are no longer with us.

As already mentioned we have managed to bring together many veterans of our battalion via social media, but the real success has been achieved by the attendance of the 1LI Reunion & Raffle and the Regimental reunion in Shrewsbury. Other reunion events that have brought many of us together are the county reunions in Cornwall, Somerset and Durham along with smaller gatherings organised by groups or individuals.

The 1LI Association also marches at the Cenotaph in London every November which is very well attended and even those unable to march join us for the weekend along with their families. In recent years the association has also block booked tickets for the annual Army v Navy rugby at Twickenham which is another great weekend for us all and we hope that other events will eventually be added to the list.

1LI Standard Dedication, Shrewsbury 2013 Copthorne Barracks

Our fallen brothers in arms are remembered on our website Memorial page and on every occasion that we come together, but by setting up the association it has also meant that we have been able to raise funds, via our annual 1LI Raffle, to purchase and send RBL Poppy Wreaths to every funeral that takes place (with the families kind permission). This would not be possible on the current scale without our association and the very kind support that is given towards our annual raffle. The 1LI Association wherever possible will ensure that a battalion veteran is present at every funeral and whilst this is achievable more often than not at present it will of course become more of a challenge in the years to come as our numbers only get smaller.

We very much hope that you will take part and get involved with the running and success of your association because without your support it would not exist. We also need your help to spread the word to those that are not aware of the 1LI Association and to inform them of the various events that take place, as it will bring them together with old friends as well as giving them the opportunity to meet many new ones.

1LI Association Committee

Your association, like all associations, has a full committee of volunteers that has been set up to ensure that there is a balanced approach to what we do and so that everything is kept above board and documented for those that may be running it in the future. The initial committee members were all appointed by the chairman for an undetermined period of time, but any and all vacancies are regularly advertised with successful candidates being voted in by the current committee members. 
If you wish to apply for any vacancies or require more details please e-mail us with your full details, stating which vacancy you are interested in and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

We also have a number of "Appointed Officials" which form the second tier of committee volunteers and they carry out specific additional roles for the association as listed below, on certain occasions we may also appoint an association member to oversee or assist with one off events.

All committee members are volunteers so please give all of them your full support. 

Full Committee Members
Chairman:           William Bearham
Secretary:           Vacancy (new Position to be filled)
Treasurer:           Vacancy (new position to be filled)
Reunion & Raffle:      Stephen Pryer 
Welfare:            Vacancy 
Cenotaph:           Vacancy
Fund Raising:          Vacancy (new position to be filled)
Committee Member:       Andrew Hones
Committee Member:       Mark Skelton

Appointed Officials

Stores Controller:          (Potential new vacancy tbc)
Reunion & Raffle 2IC:         Vacancy
Association Golf Rep:         Vacancy
Ballygawley Services Rep:    D. Lapham
Shrewsbury Memorial Rep:   Bob Diprose
Official 1LI Standard Bearer:    Nigel Smith 
1LI Midlands Standard Bearer: TBC
1LI NI Standard Bearer:        TBC

1LI Association Funding

All Light Infantry associations have to be self funding and as we have elected to keep association membership free for all our "full" members we will be limited to what we can and can't achieve by the amount of donations that we receive, as well as the funds that we can raise via our online Stores and our 1LI Association Annual Reunion & Raffle.
With the proceeds from our annual raffle all going into our Poppy Wreath Fund this means that our operating costs have to be covered by the small amount that we receive from any profit made from our Stores, along with the kind personal donations that are received from time to time. To achieve anything other than the basics the 1LI Association requires additional fund raising and we welcome any and all support from our battalion family and supporters in making this happen.
If you would like to donate to the 1LI Association we would be very grateful and details of how to donate can be obtained by sending the committee an e-mail so that we can pass on our bank details or you can donate via PayPal and all donations however small will be gratefully received.

Thank you in advance for your very kind support.