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1LI Association

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 1LI Association Membership


1LI Association Full Membership is free to all those that served in the 1st Battalion, The Light Infantry.

We also have Honourary Membership for NOK or a family representative of anyone that served in 1LI who is sadly no longer with us. Honourary Membership is also available to those that were attached to 1LI during their service and also to those wishing to support the association and its members.


A membership form is situated below which we would please ask you to fully fill out & submit, once the form has been processed a password will be sent out to allow access to the small members area or any other page that may be password protected in the future. Filling the form out will help us to put long lost friends back in touch with each other plus it will ensure that you can take part in any vote that may take place on the associations future, so please take the time to fill it out fully.

The association is also now in a position to be able to issue Membership Cards* and this has already started to be rolled out, so it is very important that we have your correct contact address and that you inform us of any changes asap please.

*Replacement Membership Cards will cost £2.50 each to cover all costs including postage.


Please ensure that you update the Membership Secretary with any changes to your contact details via the e-mail below:

Your Personal Information

The information provided above is required by the 1LI Association so that we may process your membership application and communicate with our members regarding events and matters concerning the operation of the association.

The personal details provided are kept secure at all times and can only be accessed by the association chairman or association secretary, they will not under any circumstances be passed on to a third party or any other association member. Any additional information provided by you in the two boxes at the bottom of the form are automatically deleted once the application has been fully processed.

Apart from general communications to members via our social media pages, direct contact with you will always be via e-mail as we are an internet based veterans association, we will do our best to keep e-mails to a minimum.

Due to the ever changing rules on data protection we will always respect the decision by our members should they no longer wish to have part or all of their details stored with us and should that be the case please e-mail us with your request so that it can be dealt with as soon as possible.

We would like to remind all of our members that should they choose to have their e-mail contact details deleted from our membership files that as an internet based veterans association we would no longer be able to keep you up to date with events or involve you in important decisions affecting the future of your association.

Please remember that all committee members are volunteers and many still have full time jobs, so you may not receive a reply straight away, but we will process your application as quick as we can along with any general enquiries made to us.

1LI Association members can access the Association Members area below

which holds some additional information and a copy of our constitution: