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Below is a list of items that are available in our online stores and more information on each one can be found when you click on the image of the item, this will be kept up to date as often as is possible. To find out what sizes are available (mainly clothing items) please click on the clothing item below and then scroll down the product information to the Select Size box. Items with sizes will show the current availability of each size when selected if the stock is below a level of 10 and if no availability is shown then we will have 10 or more in stock of that size. Once a particular size sells out it will be disabled on each product until restocked, unless the item is listed as a one off.

2022 1LI Raffle Tickets Now Only Available vis our R&R Page until 15th June!
100% of the proceeds are placed into our protected Poppy Wreath Fund that sends RBL Poppy Wreaths to the funerals of 1LI Veterans, which would not be possible without your support.

*Postage & Packaging will need to be selected once you have added everything to the basket and proceed to the checkout.

*PLEASE NOTE that we have two payment methods when you come to check out, PayPal and Bank Transfer. If you select the Bank Transfer option you will need to log into your online bank account with the details provided to make the transfer for the correct amount within 3 days of checking out.

Please see the T&C's page for additional information.

Postage prices are about to go up and whilst 2nd class will only go up by a small amount 1st class has increased by a great deal more. We are doing everything that we can to keep costs down, but our P&P prices reflect the new postage costs and the PayPal fees that are also imposed on them.



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