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The 1LI Association would to thank and acknowledge the support shown to it by both the individuals and organisations below, especially for the very kind donations that have helped to not just launch the association, but to help keep it going for as long as it is needed by its members.

Your support and donations are gratefully received so that the association can remain FREE for all of its members, donations to the association can be made via the PayPal button below or direct into our association account, details to be provided upon e-mail request at the foot of this page.

Thank you




William Bearham - 1LI

Andy Hughes - 1LI

Fiona Wright

Alan Lambert - 1LI

Ifor Lloyd - 1LI

Alistair Sharp - 1LI

Doug & Fiona Hosking - 1LI

Dave Hardy - 1LI

Philip James - 1LI

Mick Curnow - 1LI

Alan Tamblyn - 1LI

Chris Jesse James - 1LI

Mark Skelton - 1LI

Dan Mcewan - 1LI

Rick Clayton - 1LI

Elliott Grey - 1LI

Trevor Baxter - 1LI

Julie Ottway

Robert Staple - 1LI

Andy Payne - 1LI

Andrew Lane - 1LI

Jacqueline Hurley

Dene Markham

James Gascoigne - 1LI

Mac McLaren - 1LI

Nigel Smith - 1LI

Malcolm Spink - 1LI

Alan Smith - 1LI

Doc Holiday - 1LI

Norman Draper - 1LI

Nelson Bassett - 1LI

Rick Clayton - 1LI

Colin Gordon - 1LI

June Blythe

Ray Kennedy - 1LI

Andy Craven - 1LI

Julie Robson

Keith White

Scott Woodward - 1LI

Joe Earl - 1LI

Mike Brook - 1LI

Bob Mason - 1LI

Darren Brooks - 1LI

Terry Sore - 1LI

Mrs D Chambers

Sarah Wakfer

Richard Keast - 1LI

Charlie Harmon - 1LI

Tom Ferry - 1LI

Peacock Inn - Shrewsbury

Eyes Front IT Ltd

Embroidered & Printed Clothing Company

Tower of London Club - Yeoman Warders

QCS - Doncaster

Prosec Security - Doncaster

Silver Lady - Cudworth

Tasca Tankers - Wakefield

Bags and Covers - Wakefield

Plasmoor - Pontefract

Niche Emporium - Wakefield

Montgomeryshire Natural Spring Water Co

Howdens Joinery Co.

G W Groundwork

Gladiator Security Ltd

Peacock Golf Society

TUC Plant Hire

Gruber UK Ltd

National Express

Please leave your comments and messages of support via the form below. Thank you.

Richard Keast

Richard Keast

Membership Card Recieved today thankies along with Regimental Reunion invite at Bodmin in Spetember also a flyer from my Old CSM Spanner about his Bushcraft camp.Feel old today



I served with skid Siccolo in Hong kong and Northern Ireland SAD to hear of his passing He was a character who will be sorely missed.

Terry Mullen

Terry Mullen

I was Cpl REME Armourer attached to QM Dept 1LI during Cyprus tour at Alexander Bks. I have great memories of Leo Lyons, Skid Siccolo, Mo Meah and John Dennis. So sorry they are no longer with us

Bob Mason

Bob Mason

Thank you Bill for the website.

Lawrie Hodges

Lawrie Hodges

I wish to convey my thanks to all those who attended the SCLI/LI/RIFLES Reunion held at The Lawns social club Taunton last Saturday evening. Your presence and camaraderie produced a truly superb evening. Attendance this year was around 240 which was the largest gathering so far, with a high proportion being former 1LI personnel.

As far as I was aware, (unless you tell me otherwise) there was no complaints regarding the quality or quantity of the buffet, or the service provided by the bar staff. I was concerned about the buffet side initially, when having ordered a set number with Liz the caterer, a further 25 persons turned up (unannounced) and paid on the door. Unfortunately you can't cater for that.

I have booked this venue for the 2016 reunion, so the date for your diary is Saturday 23rd April.
If anyone wishes to contact me so that there details can be added to our data base for future invitations, my point of contact is through the webmaster of this website.

Again my thanks to all who attended and I look forward to seeing you again next year.
Lawrie Hodges

Lawrie Hodges

Lawrie Hodges

To all those former 1 LI men who attended the SCLI,LI, RIFLES Reunion at Taunton in April.

May I say how great it was to welcome so many of you to the reunion. I had met some of you before when you had attended previous reunions at Taunton, but this year it was something special. On this occasion there was a much greater number who's service had purely been with 1LI in attendance. Much of this was down to the message I believe, that your Chairman Bill Bearham, kindly displayed on my behalf on the events page of your website. I estimated that approximately 60 in number were former 1LI men out of the total of just over 200. I hope that next year, there may be even more from your Battalion attending on Saturday 25th April, which is the date of the next reunion. The Lawns Social Club is already booked as the venue, and providing nothing untoward occurs with the Club, I look forward to seeing you all in 2015.

May I wish all of you good health and THANK YOU ALL for making it so special.
Lawrie Hodges. Organiser of the Reunion in conjunction with The Rifles Office Taunton.

Kelvin Barbery

Kelvin Barbery

Great site everyone, see you all in June god willing

Pat todd

Pat todd

Great looking site keep at it lads
Thanks for the hard work

Carl Swift

Carl Swift

Great website Bill, and thank you for all your hard work.

malcolm taffy williams

malcolm taffy williams

cheers bill for all your hard work,if it was not for u I would not have be up with the lads on sunday and meet old mates that I would not have seen but for your hard work u have made a old man very happy and proud cheers for that mate

Alan Tamblyn

Alan Tamblyn

Great website Bill, thanks for all you hard work.

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