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1LI Association

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1st Battalion, The Light Infantry



Roll of Honour


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"Gone but never forgotten"


Rodney Nottingham, SCLI/1LI, 2nd January

Donald Bere, KOYLI/1LI, 5th January

Peter Farley, 18th January, aged 71

Norman "Dickie" Draper, SCLI/1LI, 13th February

Aaron "Choggie" Bromfield, 4th March

Tim Ward, (tbc) March

Stephen Savage, 22nd April, aged 66

Jimmy Wilson, 10th July, aged 61

Mark Lyle, 27th July, aged 37

Ernie James Lethbridge, SCLI/1LI, 27th July, aged 71

Keith Holdsworth, 30th July, aged 65

Roger Buswell, 18th August, aged 68

John "Micky" Nicholls, 19th August, aged 68


Paul Hine, 8th February aged 44

Joe Ramoff, 22nd February aged 44

Terry "SAS" Sore, 2LI/1LI, 28th February aged 62

D. John Lewington, SCLI/1LI, 8th March

Les Summers, SCLI/1LI, 30th March

Christopher "Slim" Matthews, SCLI/1LI, 29th April aged 72

Martin Jones, 1LI, TBC May

Norman "Sammy" Slater, 1LI/2LI, 13th May aged 66

Ian Newson Storm, SLI/SCLI/DLI/1LI, 21st June aged 82

Robert Stewart Bull, 13th September aged 65

Derek "Butch" Wright, 15th September aged 72

David Symes, SCLI/1LI, 19th October aged 72

Maurice Lucas, 1LI/2LI, 24th October

  William Bielby, 1LI/5 Rifles/1 Rifles, 31st October, aged 35

Martin Smith, 1st November, aged 68

Philip Brentnall, 6th November

David Doughty, 27th November


Chris Davies "94", 11th January aged 48

Paul Apps, January

Alan Guy, DLI/1LI, 22nd February aged 76

David Andrew Jennings, 5th March aged 47

Ken Lyons, SCLI/1LI, March aged 70

Terence Vickery, SLI/SCLI/1LI, 9th March aged 77

Nigel Mourant, 26th March

Jeff Mares, 14th April aged 65

Paul Nicholls, 11th September aged 68

Andrew Lee, 12th September aged 48

Bernie Burnett, 18th September aged 65

Raymond Paul Sicolo "Skid", 6th October aged 58

Nelson "Nelly" Bassett, SCLI/1LI, 13th November aged 75

Harold Gordon Rosser, SCLI/1LI, 13th November aged 75

Vic Vaughan, SCLI/1LI, 21st November aged 73

Ron "Snowy" White, 10th December aged 59

Paul Heath. TBC


Marty Donlan, 12th January aged 63

Pauly Rogerson, 5th May aged 40

Alan Grey, 20th May aged 64

Robert "Jock" McArvail, 9th June

Mick Lancaster, 6th July

Dean Elliott, August aged 40

John Stobbs, September

George "Timber" Wood, SLI/SCLI/1LI, 11th September aged 80

Vivian "Keith" Cross, 13th September

Bill Howrihan, SCLI/1LI, 8th October aged 80

Terry Noble, November

Brenton Watkins, November

Robert Bogan BEM, DLI/DCLI/SCLI/1LI, November 8th aged 81

Anthony Keith Mawhinney, 7th December aged 52

Geoffrey "Spike" Mayne, Date Unknown


Dennis Allen, 6th January

Charles Turner, 10th May aged 69

Ian "Mac" Mcintosh, 2nd June

Brian "Chuck" Carlyon, DCLI/SCLI/1LI, 4th June aged 78

Frederick William Hammett, RA/SLI/SCLI/1LI, 3rd August aged 81

Charlie Griggs, 26th September aged 67

Lawrence "Louie" Coles, 1st October aged 62

Peter May, October

Terry Joll, DCLI/SCLI/KSLI/1LI/RAOC, 13th October

Robert Coles, 29th October

David "Jaspa" Ottway, 18th November aged 57

Terry Sweet, SCLI/1LI, 26th November aged 73

Phil Parker, 1LI & Yeoman Warder, 29th November

Lt Col Jack Rupert Hemsley, KSLI/1LI, 29th November aged 71

Ashley Rogers, SCLI/1LI, 2nd December aged 71


Captain Christopher Brian Phillips, 3rd May aged 67
Wilf Emmerson, 9th June
Hubert John Hill (Benny), 17th June aged 74
Stephen 'Spunky' Middleton, 5th July
John Wood 'The Glove' 1LI/5 Rifles, August 17th aged 47
Lt Col Anthony "Bob" Pickford MBE, 24th September aged 56
Paul Broom, 30th September aged 63
Roger 'Nosher' Coley, September
John Lowes, 18th November aged 52

Neil "Sid" Scrafton, 25th November aged 57


'Taff' Benson, 7th October

  W. James Rickard, 14th May

Dave Latcham, 30th January aged 59


Harry Ramage,19th July aged 69

John Turner, 17th October aged 71

Dave "Titch" Brenton, 1st November aged 62

Frank Gibbs, 27th November aged 59


Kirk Warburton, 20th May aged 51

Kenny Fishburn, (ACC Attached) 2nd June

Harley Ebanks, 6th August aged 54

Kieran 'Kenny' Monks, 24th August

Alan Burt, 4th November


Malcolm Wear, 5th June aged 57

Roy Tremelling, SCLI/1LI, 16th October


Jim Reynolds, 26th September aged 53

Daz Sweatman, 31st December


Frank Danby, 14th February

Steven 'Chalkie' White, March 9th

'Dickie' Dickey, 5th May

Richard Croll, 5th May

Paul 'smiler' Haysmore, 19th July aged 49


Matthew Cornish, 1st August aged 29

Anthony 'Tucker' Gettins,


Pat Seymour, 30th July aged 56

Lt Col Bryan M Elliot MBE, 9th October aged 61

S Senabau, 31st October

Steve Mallows,


M. I Prosser, 30th May

Stephen Oates "Pop", 5th June aged 53

James Bendall, 29th September aged 45

Clive Charles Roberts, 9th November aged 51

John Clark, aged 70


Ray Grainger, 7th February aged 56

D. R Walker, 16th September


Jason Mark Pears, 9th September aged 31


Mark Crozier,


John Dent, January


John 'Bambi' Rann, 24th January

Nicholas Fraser, 12th May


Steve Doades, 14th February

Kevin 'Ratty' Ratcliffe, 31st December


Mick Belsom,

D.T Offley, 17th May

Michael McBain, December aged 67


Mark 'Cosy' Powell, 16th September aged 34


Chris 'Claggy' Claypole, 7th December

David J "Jock" Reed, 15th December aged 24


Christopher Beadle, 27th April

Capt. Anthony Pascoe, 18th July, aged 55

Stephen 'Stinger' Wray, 22nd July

Michael 'Leo' Lyons, 28th July aged 40

Ray Turner, 15th December


Kevin 'Willy' Wyatt, 9th November


John "Bobby" Charlton, 21st October


Renato 'Nat' Gloyn, 17th January aged 32

Tristan 'Kit' Kitson, 2nd June aged 25


Jason J Willby, 6th February

Jayson Burfitt, 20th August aged 19

Richard Greener, 20th August aged 21

Mark A Norsworthy, 20th August, aged 18

Stephen J Wilkinson, 20th August aged 18

Jason S Winter, 20th August aged 19

Blair E.M Bishop, 20th August aged 19

Alexander S Lewis, 20th August aged 18

Peter L Bullock, 20th August aged 21

Graeme 'Smudge' Smith, 3rd December


Peter Bird, 8th November

Nick Blythe, 12th November


Tom Webster, 17th August


Mohammed Annifar James Meah, May


Gary 'Hammy' Hamilton, 20th March

John 'Titch' Titchener, 10th June

Edward 'John' Dennis, 2nd September


C "frenchie" France, 24th March

Geoff M Curtis, 10th June aged 20


Terry W Jenkins, 28th November

Mick S Henry, 28th November


David 'H' Hanniford-Hill, 26th May


Stephen J Hester, 8th February aged 21


Harry Bennett, 28th February


Peter Allen, 22nd August aged 19


Stephen Hall, 28th October aged 27

M. F Cox, 24th December


Richard Vencoe Jones, 18th August

Ronald Rowe, 28th August

I.R Morill, 28th August

Tommy Stoker, 19th September

Tom Rudman, 30th September


Peter Storror, 5th August

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Stand down lads, until we meet again...

"Cede Nullis"

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1LI Association

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