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1LI Association

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Why have a 1LI Association


The Light Infantry has, as you may already be aware, many Associations and branches, but with all the changes since 2007 many have for whatever reason not felt a part of any of the exisiting set ups and with the rise of the internet plus so many now living in all four corners of the UK and overseas we needed an association to help bring battalion members together once again.

For a number of years now the 1LI group on facebook has been growing in strength and we have been able to locate many more of our old friends and comrades that we served with during our time in the battalion. We have also been able to find those that were attached to the battalion at some point during its time and along with family members it has helped to create a great family/community feeling with the obvious addition of the free flowing banter that we have all come to expect.

It is because of this that the time had come (before it runs out) for us to be much better organised so that we can try to achieve more than just the odd bit of 1LI clothing and hopefully at the same time we can maintain the informal nature that we have all been used to over recent years as well. Like all Light Infantry associations we have to be self funding, so we will always be limited in what we can and can't achieve, by the amount of donations that we receive as well as the funds that we can raise via our online Stores and our 1LI Association Annual Reunion & Raffle. The most important thing is that we maintain this website for all 1LI members and thier families so that we have our own permanent home for keeping in touch and up to date with any news, plus events that involve those that served in our battalion.
It is also expected that due to its ease of use facebook will still be the most used medium for daily chat and banter, but the association also hopes in time to be able to set up a proper forum away from the social networks as not everyone uses it, plus it will give us our own medium for communication should there be any issues with the social network websites.


We hope you will take part and get involved as well as helping us to spread the word to those that are not aware of the association and should you have any thoughts or ideas then please let us know by using the e-mail at the foot of this page.

1LI Association Committee


Like all organisations large or small a committee has been set up to ensure that there is a balanced approach to what we do and we also have a number of "Appointed Officials" that carry out specific additional roles for the association, on certain occaisions we may also appoint an association member to oversee or assist with one off events.

Please give all of them your full support.

The committee is looking to take a more conventional approach to it's actual set up whilst still keeping with the successful format of how it is run on a day to day basis. To that end we have a number of new and key positions to fill, should you have the relevant skills as well as time to fill any of our vacancies, please e-mail us with your details and to obtain more information.

Full Committee Members

Chairman:                           William Bearham

Secretary:                           Vacancy (new Position to be filled)

Treasurer:                           Vacancy (new position to be filled)

Reunion & Raffle:               Stephen Pryer

Welfare:                              Alan Tamblyn

Cenotaph:                           Malcolm Spink

Fund Raising:                     Vacancy (new position to be filled)

Committee Member:           Andrew Hones

Committee Member:           Mark Skelton

Appointed Association Officials

Stores Controller:                     (Potential vacancy still to be confirmed)

Reunion & Raffle 2IC:               Vacancy

Association Golf Capt:              David Marshall

Association Golf V/Capt:           Mark Sheppard

Ballygawley Services Rep:        D. Lapham

Shrewsbury Memorial Rep:       Bob Diprose

Official Standard Bearer:           TBC

Support Standard Bearers:       Robert Staple

1LI Association Funding


As already mentioned above all Light Infantry associations and groups are now self funding with only the Light Infantry Committee being left with limited funds which are primarily used for putting on the Annual Light Infantry Reunion. It is our intention at this time to make sure that membership of the 1LI Association remains free for all those that served in it and we can only do this if we can carry out fund raising when ever posible as well as rely on the kind donations made by ex members and our supporters. We would also welcome corporate & business donations where ever possible to help keep the association running and would like to recognise all such donations on the supporters page to show our appreciation.

If you would like to donate to the 1LI Association we would be very grateful and details of how to donate can be obtained by sending the committee an e-mail which is at the foot of this page or you can donate via PayPal and all donations however small will be gratefully received.
Many thanks.